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Are you thinking of being an Owner Builder

Did you know that if you are wanting to carry out building work as an owner-builder and the value of the work is $20,000 or more, you must first obtain an approval from the Building Commission and be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the building construction industry. The quickest way to obtain knowledge is to complete an Owner Builder Course.


Today's Building Services have developed a local WA owner builder course and have published the Today's Owner Builder book.


The course is generally designed for people who wish to build their own home or additions to their existing home. However, the course can be beneficial for people who are having their project done by a builder and want to obtain a better understanding of construction methods and standards and the legal requirements of building work.

When developing the Today's Owner Builder Course, we spent a lot of time reviewing other courses that are available and found most are developed in the eastern states and are designed for the building industry in those States and do not cover the requirements of Western Australian legislation. It was also revealed that most were online courses that can be completed within a couple of hours by selecting multiple choice answers to questions.

The Today's Owner Builder Course is designed to give you relevant information about WA building regulations and project management of residential building work in W A. It will give you an understanding of your responsibilities as an owner builder.

At the end of the course, you will obtain a Certificate of Completion that you can use to verify that you have sufficient knowledge to carry out building work as an Owner Builder and be registered with the Building Commission.


The Today's Owner Builder book is a guide that will provide you with an understanding of the role's and responsibilities of carrying out building work and the legislative requirements for residential construction work in Australia. It will provide you with a tool that can be used to assist in the construction of your home so that the process runs smoothly, on schedule, within budget and complies with relevant building regulations.

The information in the guide will give you an insight into the process of constructing a residential house or an addition to an existing house from the application for approval stage to the completion of the project.

For more information about the course or the book, or to register for the course or purchase the book please visit our website

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