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Cool Or Cosy DG Cool Or Cosy DG Cool Or Cosy DG
  • Address: 109 Garling Street, O'Connor
  • Phone: (08) 9338 9000



Petr and Emily, the owners of this local Perth property chose Cool Or Cosy DG to update the windows in their home. The company retrofitted the residence with a complete set of environmentally-friendly European windows that are both stylish and practical.

From reducing sound-levels to increasing the home’s security and energy-efficiency, the company’s double-glazed windows come with a host of benefits. The windows pictured here — and the entire Cool Or Cosy DG product range — prevent heat loss or gain through glass by creating a barrier that insulates the room and assists in maintaining the temperature. Double-glazed windows are a simple way to enhance a property’s thermal performance, increase comfort and reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Another stand-out benefit of Cool Or Cosy DG’s windows is noise reduction. Double-glazed windows reduce noise pollution by up to 60 per cent when compared to standard glass windows, and are the perfect investment for those living in busy metropolitan or suburban areas.

The products in Cool Or Cosy DG’s comprehensive range of quality glazed windows and doors can come complete with a multi-point locking system.The company offers specialised windows in the latest European designs, including tilt and turns, awnings, and slide openings, which enable effective ventilation.

Double-glazed windows will also reduce condensation. Single-glazed windows often develop internal condensation when the cold temperatures outside react with the warm air inside. The Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) combined with argon gas in Cool Or Cosy DG’s double-glazed windows prevents this from happening and ensures windows stay dry and condensation-free.

Cool Or Cosy DG is a Western Australian company whose ethos is simple: quality products and service equals a better quality of life.