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Composite Materials Australia
  • Address: 657 Dundas Road, Forrestfield
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Composite Materials Australia is one of Australia’s leading importers and distributors of composite materials from around the globe, including highly successful and environmentally-friendly products such as Passport Decking and DuraLife Decking. Owned and directed by Eamon Hurley, who has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Composite Materials Australia has continually created longstanding relationships with homeowners and builders throughout Australia.

Passport Decking boards, made from 100 per cent cellular PVC, have a very low carbon footprint compared to normal plastics, as well as an increased lifespan because of their durability. Unlike other decking boards, Passport Decking contains no wood fibre and offers the highest UV-stability and extreme resistance to scratches, mould and stains.

Duralife Decking, a wood-plastic composite, is unique because of its composition of only hardwood fibre and polypropylene – a hard plastic. This differs from standard wood-plastic composites, which include softwood and polyethylene – a soft plastic. With high slip-resistance properties, these rigid boards have a 25-year warranty.

Call Composite Materials Australia to learn more about Passport Decking and Duralife Decking, and how these environmentally-friendly materials can be incorporated into your home.