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For this project, CGI Solutions used Microfine Chemical Grout to install a basement along a southern boundary.

The chemical used for the microfine chemical grout injection is a harmless plasticiser that is environmentally-friendly and doesn’t harm the surrounding vegetation. This method is generally used in sandy soil areas as it will not penetrate clay, limestone or rock.

Manufactured from quality Australian-made materials that adhere to strict quality management standards, CGI Solutions never compromises on quality and ensures all work is completed to its clients’ exacting standards.

Proudly Western Australian-owned and -operated, CGI Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and is an established and reputable microfine chemical grout injection, underpinning, and retaining provider.

CGI Solutions goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service in the land development, mining, industrial and construction sectors.

The company completes free initial site visits to assess each job and determine whether it is suitable for the team to complete. If an engineer is required, one will be commissioned to assist with a retaining installation, underpinning or a repair job.

CGI Solutions specialises in temporarily strengthening the foundations of a house using the microfine chemical grout injection method. This superior method is a quick and cost-effective approach to a provisional retaining process that continues to grow in demand. This growth is because unlike other methods, such as shore pilling and core pilling, microfine grout injection does not require potentially damaging vibrations that can have harmful effects on the surrounding environment.

Over his career, owner of CGI Solutions Ashley Huf has established a solid understanding and a proficient reputation in his ability to get the job done in all types of conditions and environments.

CGI Solutions provides professional customised solutions, competitive prices, quality service and outstanding workmanship.