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Timber has become the material of choice in the contemporary Australian home. From structural and practical to purely decorative, timber brings a natural warmth and pattern into interior and exterior spaces and adds the personality and depth that only wood can offer.

While ‘de rigueur’ in flooring and decking, timber is now becoming a number one choice for interior panelling on walls and ceilings to add another layer of decoration. Used in the same way as wallpaper, it creates feature walls, defines spaces within larger areas and brings intimacy to public areas.

Rod Bragge and the team at Auswest Timbers are excited by the contemporary use of timber within the design industry. As the retail sales manager, Rod has seen the use of timber move easily from inside to out, bringing a natural yet very contemporary look to clients’ homes.

Auswest Timbers is a global leader in the supply of quality jarrah, karri, marri and chestnut from sustainable PEFC plantations. The company also stocks a large range of local and international timbers and timber products in various lengths and sizes.

Packed under the iconic, curved roof of the Auswest Timbers domed warehouse, rows of timber are housed to inspire and excite your inner-renovator and make following through with those new home and home project plans easy.

The company mills its own jarrah, karri, marri, stringybark and chestnut, and also stocks common east coast hardwoods, imported hardwoods, composites and treated pines. Auswest Timbers offers ranges from customcut, green off-saw (GOS) structural timber through to kiln-dried and profiled quad, dowel and skirting – all ready for installation.

Auswest Timbers is the WA-based leader in the supply of best practice timber to the Australian market. The company adheres to stringent environmental codes and prides itself on not only being part of the sustainable solution to timber harvesting, but also supplying quality timber solutions to the Australian market.