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Wine With Everything

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Wine With Everything

When the Pantone Colour of the Year is announced each December for the forthcoming year, it causes a flurry of excitement in the interior design, fashion and cosmetic industries. Here, Lara Bailey explores the ways the 2015 colour, Marsala, can be used to enhance your home.

As anyone with an interest in design and colour will know, the hue selected as the ‘it’ colour for this year was a surprising choice in the eyes of many. Described by international colour authority Pantone as “hearty yet stylish”, the 2015 Colour of the Year (officially ‘Color’ of the Year) is called Marsala, and is an earthy red/brown colour, named for its resemblance to the fortified wine. The deep, rich hue is elegant and unassuming, and represents a significant departure from 2014’s Colour of the Year – the vibrant violet Radiant Orchid – and the similarly vivid 2013 choice of Emerald.

While the idea of colour trends may seem like a vague or tedious concept to some, for those of us

who like to own the hottest must-have items and update our homes with cutting-edge tones and textures, knowing all about the Colour of the Year can be a good start. This is Western Australia Home Design + Living’s guide to getting the 2015 interior look just right.


Pantone has determined a Colour of the Year since the 1990s, and the announcement causes ripples – and sometimes waves – through various industries. The selected colour is seen on everything from couture catwalks to ready- to-wear chain stores, in high-end and budget interior fit-outs, and in products from luxurious makeup manufacturers right through to bargain brands.

With this type of reach and influence, the announcement is hotly anticipated and widely (though not necessarily universally) embraced.

The colour is determined through an almost scientific approach that involves examining trends the world over in a diverse range of industries and determining a single colour that

represents the zeitgeist. The 2009 colour, for instance, was a yellow-orange hybrid called Mimosa that Pantone suggested was a “warm, cheerful shade”, representative of innovation and “expressing hope and reassurance” – a pertinent consideration after the disastrous global financial events of 2008.

From examining art to film to travel hot-spots, much goes into determining each year’s colour. If you’re a trend devotee and want to incorporate Marsala into your home, here are some of the best ways to do it.


Pantone describes Marsala as being warm, confidence-inspiring and discreetly seductive. Being inspired by the colour of a robust wine imbues Marsala with a versatile quality that can be teamed with a range of colours to create a bold and sophisticated space.

(For the record, Pantone recommends pairing it with shades like muted lilacs, powdery soft pinks, subtle greys and various understated greens).

The association with wine and hearty foods means the colour is well-suited to kitchens. Pantone suggests the colour lends itself well to things like linens, benchtops and minor appliances. This is a good basis for brainstorming how to integrate the colour into your space.

The deep berry tone of Marsala can bring a sense of regal drama to the kitchen, so consider investing in a tablecloth and linen napkins, curtains and tea towels. It complements materials like timber, copper and exposed brick, so you should display the products even when they’re not in use, for maximum impact. You could also consider incorporating a toaster or kettle into your space. Cups, saucers, plates and platters are other affordable options.

In living spaces, consider cushions, throws, an ottoman or a rug, or commit more fully and opt for chairs and couches upholstered in a rich red/ brown tone. Vases, decorative accessories like photo frames, and artworks such as framed and mounted prints, can provide a small-scale commitment to the theme. Wallpaper or paint can be used throughout for subtle detailing, or to create a high-impact feature wall. As this year’s

colour is more subdued than in previous years, it is ideal for interior paint.

For bedrooms, cushions and bedding are simple ways to integrate the colour. It’s best to exercise some restraint as it is a bold hue, so don’t go too over the top – some pillowcases and matching sheets, or a doona cover and cushions, could be the way to go, as opposed to painting all four walls a deep wine shade.

Bathrooms can be a little trickier to accessorise. There are plenty of brands utilising the colour for towels and bath mats as well as smaller things like flannels or hand towels, plus minor accessories like vases, tumblers and makeup cases should be fairly easy to come by. The colour can work quite well against a white background, so even selecting feature tiles in a shade close to Marsala to make a statement in a bathroom is achievable. For the truly passionate, you could even try tracking down a bath, vanity or cabinetry in a Marsala-esque hue.


Fortunately, while trend colours hit peak popularity at a certain point in time, it doesn’t

mean the love affair will be brief. Often the colours selected for a particular year will endure well into the future (if you bought a pile of emerald cushions in 2013, for instance, it’s doubtful you’d have thrown them in the linen cabinet for fear of them being passe?).

Whether you choose to wholeheartedly adopt the Colour of the Year into your de?cor repertoire, or prefer to go for an individual touch without regard for trends, investigating colour can be fun and can lead you to select items you might not have considered.

If you’re jumping aboard the Pantone train for the first time, it’s a good time to do it; the company says one of the best things about Marsala is its versatility. It can be adopted in everything from upholstery to lipstick and is equally appealing in a matte or gloss finish.

Warm and earthy, it can bring a touch of sophisticated comfort to any home, and unlike the colours of more recent years, is a little harder to overdose on. If wine and chocolate are your favourite indulgences, then embrace Marsala and every aspect of your home can be as delicious as the goodies you stash in the fridge.

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